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  1. Dear David,
    I have a job for you. Linda Liberis highly recommends your work. Please call me. 850-291-1255. Thanks.

  2. Loved the built ins you did in Catherine Hyde’s Piedmont home. We are moving to a house on Maule and were wanting to see if you could come by on Thursday this week to give us an idea of how much it would cost to have something similar made or if you wanted to email me an estimate of the cost of a media built in per measurement. There is also an area in the kitchen that we may want to do, but have to figure out if it fits in our budget. Thank you for your time. My cell is 8507129099.

  3. Hey David, this is Lindsay with Klocke & Associates. We are moving once again! I would like to see if I could get you to come look at the drawing that Jack has drawn up and see what needs to be done. I believe we are either moving mid October or first week in November. Thank you! 4340989

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